My Sweet, Smooth and Sassy fifty seven Chevy

Photos and historys of my Chevy - all 16 owners - best documented 50´s Chevy sold new in Sweden ?


 1.   The first owner was the famous shipowner DanAxel Broströms first wife Ulla Broström
The Broström family traded in a 55 convertible at the local GM company Ragnar Jansson AB in Gothenburg 
-- Owner in four years --

ullla.jpg (148543 byte)
Ulla Broström 

annabell1.jpg (128068 byte)  annabell2.jpg (90833 byte)
Ulla Broström was driving drunk and smashed the Chevy in 1961, she was in a divorce with DanAxel,
Later he was married a very young, well-known dancer from England,  her name was Annabelle, the Swedish tittle-tattle magazines got much to write .. ...

30-07.jpg (71704 byte)
The big house in the central of Gothenborg at Viktor Rydbergs street 16 there the Broström family and the Chevy lives in 1957-61
In the same area lived Ann Ida´s - mother to DanAxel, she was the most wealthy in Sweden this years


batar.jpg (211635 byte)
Axel Broström began with shipping 1865, 100 years later 1965 the family own´s 90 big ships and shipping company like 
The Swedish  American lines, Svenska Ostasiatiska Kompaniet, Svenska Orient Linjen and Fermcompany,
The famliy also owned Eriksbergs shipyard in Gothenborg and 50% in the shipyard  Uddevallavarvet

bok.jpg (70272 byte)
There is some books about the Broström shipowner family

DanAxel and Ulla are (unfortunately ) dead  since a long time

Some Brostöm links

2.   The Chevy was rescued smashed to the GM company Ragnar Jansson as sold it new in 1961
-- Owner in one month --

ragnarjanson.jpg (105866 byte)
This was the workshop as it looks at a advertisement in 1959

3.   Jarl Andreasson have opened a workshop in Mölnlycke 1961.
He had a friend at Ragnar Jansson who giving him a tip that a known 57a convertible had arrived smashed
Jarl purchased the chevy, and start to repair it,    Jarl also repainted it in the original white 
-- Owner in four month--

No photos

4.   Leif "Skara Claesson" was a famous football player

And 1967-1969 a  proffesional player in Baltimore Base in USA

He lives somwehere in USA, any tips ? I want info !

-- Owner in one year and six month --

skara.jpg (36003 byte)
Scanned from a daily newspaper

No contact 

5.  Åke Johansson Trollhättan, had a lot of fun with this Chevy, he have told me a lot of storys
He  purchased the Chevy 1963 , he was 18 year´s old in 1963 ,  he sold it in 1969
Nowadays Åke is driving a Pontiac -55 
-- Owner in six years --

18-07.jpg (108554 byte)

6-07.jpg (102643 byte)
Midsummer of 1964
Owner: Åke Johansson Trollhättan

8-07.jpg (80275 byte)
Trollroad in Trollhättan in the summer of 1964,   Birgitta is testdriving ...

7-07.jpg (109178 byte) 9-07.jpg (87314 byte)
Åke with a norwegian girlfriend in the summer of 1969

  17-07.jpg (112782 byte) 16-7.jpg (118951 byte)
Ljungskile near Uddevalla

   1-07.jpg (99555 byte) 3-07.jpg (68621 byte)
Cruising in the middle of the 60´s 
Someone is freeze - guess who ...

 15-07.jpg (136313 byte) 2-07.jpg (21441 byte)  4-07.jpg (51837 byte) 5-07.jpg (149418 byte) 14-7.jpg (88255 byte)
Mixed photos from the 60´s

ake.jpg (201104 byte)
Åke in a daily newspaper in 1997

6.  Torgny Fredricksson from Koppom 
Now was the Chevy a teenager´s party car
-- Owner in three weeks in 1969 --

No photos

7.  Morgan Andreasson Koppom
-- Owner in one month  1970 --

No contact 

8.  Georg Fredricksson Kil 
-- Owner in nine month 1970  --

Phone contact only in 1992

19-07.jpg (110729 byte)     ssmatsomstrom.jpg (104014 byte)

9.   Mats Omström smashed the Chevy, repair it, and repaint it white again
Mats drives Dragracing in the 70´s with a very fine T 27a , this car was imported from USA
To the rigth Mats T 27a on the cover on a swedish magazine Start & Speed in 1976
-- Owner in one year --

10.  Ebbe Rydingsvärd  
Wanted to buy this car for a couple of years
Unfortunately the chevy now had a small engine room fire so the insurance company wanted to scrap the Chevy
But Ebbe buy it back as a wreck for app. 160 $ 
-- Owner in eigth month in 1971 --

11.  The Chevy was now owned by the insurance company 
-- Owner in for two month --

21-7.jpg (154849 byte)
12.  Mats Omström purchased the Chevy (again) from Ebbe for app. 200$ 
And repair it and repaint it PINK ! 
-- Owner in one month 1971 --

20-07.jpg (114600 byte)
13.  Roland Ahlström from Storebro in Småland,  had an Impala -58 conv. in 1972.
Mats arrive ( he dont know Roland at this time) toVimmerby and they have a conversation at the square
Roland asked Mats about a possible change of Chevys ...   and they did it ...
 The Chevy was now in Småland and Roland repaint the Chevy again, now in green metallic
 -- Owner in one month 1972 --

22-07.jpg (91670 byte)
14.  Roland Håkansson,  Nättraby, alias "Rolle Pedal"  purchased the Chevy in 1972
This guy have many smallblock engines in it, sometime he change every winter ...
A big block have been there but the left header hit the steering column so ... no bigblock ...
Some years the ragtop had a 340horse Corvette 327" and 4 speed on the floor and  4/11 in the rear end
 Rolle repaint the car ... oh my god ... again, this time some kind of gray/white mercedes pait in 1972-73
And in the car he mount Volvo Amazon seats and an Impala backseat, and black vinyl on every panels inside ...

Rolle in Karlskrona 1974
Thanks to Cocce for this pic

Rolle in the magazine  Sydöstran, app 1975-80 ?
Thanks to Cocce and Magnus Karlsson for this pic added 2009


Chevan på Classic Chevy club of Sweden träff i augusti 1977, Bolmsö Ljungby
Tack till Cocce  for this pics added  2012

-- Owner in fifteen years 1972-87 --

15. Thomas Thomasson, Karlskrona, a friend of Roland 

cheva.jpg (68332 byte) cheva2.jpg (65834 byte)
Pics from 1988, Impala backseat and Volvo Amazon bucket seat ... 
And the at this time very popular slotmags rims

 cheva3.jpg (91103 byte) cheva4.jpg (85998 byte) cheva5.jpg (104834 byte)
Wedding car in 1989, now with the org. seats in the Chevy

chevan90.jpg (55021 byte) chevan90-2.jpg (47564 byte)
1990 in Malmö

Thanks to Jörgen Norman for the photos 
-- Owner in four years 1987-91 --

16. Sune Gustafsson  the webbowner -  at this time I live in Kungälv, near the westcoast
Its the summer of 1991 and I´m hunting for a 57 Bel Air convertible
And found one after only two month of looking
-- Present owner since 1991 --

23-07.jpg (97677 byte)  24-07.jpg (61291 byte)  25-07.jpg (96557 byte)  26-07.jpg (107829 byte)
Photos from the fall of 1991, after the purchase,  note the special cabtop window


28-07.jpg (71659 byte)  29-07.jpg (63126 byte)
The entire front of the frame was not so good after two accidents 1961 and 1971
I found a 57 station wagon frame, this was very fine in the front end but very rusty in the back
I repair the convertible frame with the SW frame front end

27-07.jpg (104760 byte)
Here I´m visiting Åke in Trollhättan in the summer of 1992 , he was owner number five
New convertible top, and a new built 350" four bolt engine, rebuilt front end etc etc

minchev2.jpg (15682 byte)
The daily newspaper "Trollhättans tidning" write a story about the Chevy when i was at a local Classic Chevy meeting 1992


 31-07.jpg (120547 byte) 33-07.jpg (130439 byte)
Many repairs have been done,  "new" engine again , this time a rebuilt 283"
The TH400 switch pitch trans have to go ...  in comes a TH350 rebuilt by myself
New rims and tires - American Racing Torque Trust 
Now its start to look like a cool Chevy again ...


32-07.jpg (122315 byte)  minchev1.jpg (112625 byte)
My third Chevy meeting with CCCS* - Mullsjö 1994
My Chevy is the first to the rigth
After this CCCS meeting my Chevy also come with a photo in the Swedish magazine Power 1994 after the meeting 
*CCCS are Classic Chevy Club of Sweden

35-07.jpg (113756 byte)
Vacation in the southern of Sweden with a small caravan behind the Chevy
We are lookíng forRoland Ahlström owner number 13, we dont call him before ... just knock on the door ...
And i tell him i have his old Chevy 57 outside ...  my old Chevy ??? -  big smile ...
After that we heard storys about the Chevys and i got some photos from 1972, se above - owner13 

36-07.jpg (119664 byte) 37-07.jpg (249046 byte)
On the same vacation we are visiting  "Rolle pedal" owner number14
Rolle appreciate a ride in the Chevy
Rolle said - the Chevy has never before going so smooth and fine 
In the background the garage there the Chevy have been for 15 years



minchev3.jpg (72850 byte)
My Chevy in the magazine "bilsport" 1995

 Original pic from the magazine

38-07.jpg (84136 byte) 39-07.jpg (93826 byte) 40-07.jpg (181218 byte)
The gray/white paint job bores me to death ...
I was made a fast repaint, and i was made everything but the spraying

Until this (1995) i have app 1000 hour to get the Chevy perform lika a new 57
I have been rebuilt on the vinters and drive it on spring-summer-fall


kil.jpg (110140 byte)
Vacation in Värmland, ( now I live there ) The Chevy have a little caravan behind
Check up what the  restaurant named!

glob.jpg (83617 byte)
Vacation in Stockholm in the june of 1996

42-07.jpg (68094 byte)
The fall of 1996 - babys in the Chevy .. my son William is born


43-7.jpg (75195 byte) 44-07.jpg (164178 byte)
All years the Chevy have been to many Crusing´s and I have been driving with bride´s and groom´s


45-07.jpg (75057 byte)
William is growing up ... 
Here at a CCCS meeting in Lingatan in 1997


   helena.jpg (81839 byte) 
My sisterdaugther Helena on the  student in Göteborg
First and the only time I have a brassband in the car .... ???


wille.jpg (69186 byte)
Now I live in Värmland
Wolfland Spring Meet in Ransäter 
I have really been surprised with a second price in the 50´s class, William is happy ...

moa.jpg (58615 byte)
My daughter Moa, who was born in 1998,  tasting the Chevy  :-)


In the year 2000 i recieved a mail from a man in the USA,
 he want photos of my Chevy for a production with the name  Tri Chevy Anthology

tri6.jpg (31241 byte)
The result is this CD from the company HTS Software

tri1.jpg (117511 byte) tri2.jpg (115585 byte) tri3.jpg (117952 byte) tri4.jpg (99087 byte) tri5.jpg (69683 byte) 
This photos on my Chevy is on the Tri Chevy Anthology



kalas.jpg (54748 byte)
When my kid´s have theirs birthday partys there have been a ride in the Chevy also, very much appreciated

somm031.jpg (111671 byte) somm032.jpg (140338 byte)
One of this years bride´s and groom´s drivings,  is the Chevy recently vaxed on the photos ?


01.jpg (65034 byte) 02.jpg (50468 byte) 03.jpg (57452 byte) chevis-bantad.jpg (50545 byte)
New rims again 
American Racing  Torq-Thrust series 605, this time in chrome from

Bild-619.jpg (92603 byte) Bild-620.jpg (63445 byte) Bild-622.jpg (79325 byte) Bild-623.jpg (81336 byte) Bild-624.jpg (67297 byte)
Photos from Wolfland Spring Meet, Ransäter in Värmland,  my ragtop and my caravan


pris2006.jpg (27579 byte) sgrans.jpg (68746 byte) 
New price again  from Wolfland Spring Meet 2006 - a second in the 50s class ... how ? this is no showcar ...
To the rigth my Chevy and me is in the daily newspaper 

w40.jpg (124990 byte)
My son William in another daily newspaper 2006 with his own little RC control 57 on the same meeting

Bild-930.jpg (151025 byte)
Cruising in Rättvik at Classic Car Week

rattvik.jpg (84247 byte) rattvik2.jpg (94679 byte) rattvik3.jpg (77962 byte) rattvik4.jpg (94095 byte) rattvik5.jpg (135951 byte) rattvik6.jpg (133524 byte)
First time i was there, very fun

Between 1996 to 2006 not much have been done to the Chevy
Two childs, moved three times,  purchase of a house, rebuild the house and the garden, then divorce and sell the house etc etc



I can now establish that I have owned The Chevy longer than all the others.
Celebrating The Chevys 50 years and this year I have owned my Chevy in 16 years


     1kd07.jpg (89101 byte) 5kd07.jpg (115369 byte) 6kd07.jpg (107160 byte) 4kd07.jpg (83989 byte) 3kd07.jpg (66042 byte) 2kd07.jpg (54701 byte)
7kd07.jpg (96434 byte)

The Swedish Magazine "Wheels" had a Cruising nigth in Karlstad, juni 16

DSC_0015.jpg (125711 byte) DSC_0016.jpg (120240 byte) DSC_0018.jpg (109093 byte) DSC_0024.jpg (125615 byte) DSC_0028.jpg (120177 byte)
Some nice pics from a wedding driving in Karlstad Sweden july 7


sate08.jpg (69425 byte)
My Chevy have a new seat covers on all seat this winter from CARS
This is "the before pic"

My Chevy is still 2008 a "unpatched" car




April 18 2009
The old Chevy was on the road for the first time 2009

The "new" seats is also on this pic

Ulla Broström , the first owners plate
I have receive this from owner # 5 Åke Johansson afterwards

New seat covers

The Chevy in a swedish mag called Bilsport Classic nr 12/09

Magnus at Bilsport Classic at  Forshaga Bygdegård in aug -09






01.jpg (65034 byte) 02.jpg (50468 byte) 03.jpg (57452 byte) chevis-bantad.jpg (50545 byte)
Nya fälgar igen, men nu 2005 säger man inte så !  -det har kommit nya uttryck från bigmacistan
   man säger - jag har pimpat chevan med nya rims   :-)
American Racing  Torq-Thrust series 605 denna gång i krom från

Bild-619.jpg (92603 byte) Bild-620.jpg (63445 byte) Bild-622.jpg (79325 byte) Bild-623.jpg (81336 byte) Bild-624.jpg (67297 byte)
Bilder från Wolfland Spring Meet, Ransäter i Värmland,   ställer ut Chevan och Stilmastervagnen

Nya tider .. bönder söker fruar på TV ,  sopspioner och ölbanditer på radionyheterna samt i rondellerna - rondellhundar ...

pris2006.jpg (27579 byte) sgrans.jpg (68746 byte) 
Ny pokal till hyllan från Wolfland Spring Meet 2006 - ett andrapris igen ... hur kommer sej detta? denna bil ska inte kunna ta några priser.
Till höger är Chevan med i VF,  Värmlands Folkblad 29maj 2006 med både text och bild

w40.jpg (124990 byte)
Wille kom med i NWT,  Nya Wermlands Tidningen 29 maj 2006 med sin egen 57a på samma träff

Bild-930.jpg (151025 byte)
Cruisar i Rättvik på Classic Car Week

rattvik.jpg (84247 byte) rattvik2.jpg (94679 byte) rattvik3.jpg (77962 byte) rattvik4.jpg (94095 byte) rattvik5.jpg (135951 byte) rattvik6.jpg (133524 byte)
Första gången jag var där, otrolig tillställning !  rekommenderas !


Kan nu konstatera att jag ägt Chevan längre än alla tidigare ägare
Chevan fyller 50år och jag har ägt den 16år  2007

1kd07.jpg (89101 byte) 5kd07.jpg (115369 byte) 6kd07.jpg (107160 byte) 4kd07.jpg (83989 byte) 2kd07.jpg (54701 byte) 3kd07.jpg (66042 byte)
7kd07.jpg (96434 byte)
Tidningen Wheels arrangerade en Cruising i Karlstad 16 juni 

DSC_0015.jpg (125711 byte) DSC_0016.jpg (120240 byte) DSC_0018.jpg (109093 byte) DSC_0024.jpg (125615 byte) DSC_0028.jpg (120177 byte)
Lyckade bilder på en Brudparskörning i Karlstad 7 Juli


1996 till 2007 har jag inte gjort mycket med Chevis pga två barn, tre "flyttar", husköp samt husrenovering, sedan skilsmässa osv 

Dagsform på Chevis är att patienten mår bra men klädseln på sätena blivit lite torr å spröd
- sömmarna har delvis gett sej , det höll bara i 50år !  -kan man ta det på garantin ? :-)
Det kryper lite rost på nerkant på dörrarna, -tur att jag är bilplåtslagare, får väl åtgärdas på sikt

sate08.jpg (69425 byte)
Detta är "före" bilden  - en solblekt torr och sliten klädsel som börjat spricka i sömmarna
Jag byter alltså ut klädseln på alla säten, klädseln är handsydd av firman Cars  i Michigan USA

Kan bara konstatera att min Cheva fortfarande är en "unpatched" bil, dvs karossen är inte rostlagad 
Till att börja med behöver dörrrarnas nersidor tittas över och trösklarna bytas, pga att dom är buckliga




18 april 2009
Dags att plocka fram Chevan och ratta runt lite på byn

Ulla Broström , första ägarens - ägarbricka som var obligatorisk att ha på alla motorfordon förr
Denna har jag fått i efterhand av Åke Johansson ägare nr 5

Till årets säsong har Chevan fått ny klädsel på sätena,  ny cab påse, ny cab list upptill på baksätet och ett nytt cab skydd
Och helrenoverade original signalhorn

Chevan är med i ett repotage i Bilsport Classic nr 12/09
I serien "svensk sålda bilar"
Fem sidor inuti och två bilder på omslaget, inte illa ...

Magnus på Bilsport Classic fotograferar Chevan vid Forshaga Bygdegård i aug -09







20 years anniversary with this Chevy









Chevan var med i bilutställningen i Karlstad i maj
Dessa bilder är fotade tidigt på morgonen innan besökare kommit

Samt senare på dagen ...





Foton från ännu en lyckad bröllopskörning


Det är tänkt att Chevan ska bli dragbil till min 1927 Ford Dragrace Roadster
Här får den prova på att dra det tomma chassit till NS racecars i Sunne





Tillsammans med andra balla Classic Chevys på SHRA Karlstads tävling Hagfors Open


Hade med mej min lilla husvagn som nu fått ett helt omgjort chassi med bälgar / airride


Några bilder på hemvägen från Hagfors Open






Newspaper pics